Khanda – Sikh Khanda

Khanda is an Indian double-edged straight sword, Solid, Bold & Strong will use these three words to elaborate a khanda sword. The meaning of the word khanda is to break, divide, cut, destroy. This weapon was mostly used for slashing and thrashing the crowd in warfare. It is a common weapon in martial arts of Rajput, Marathas & especially Sikhs. In Sikhism, khanda has a unique position & respect among all the weapons as it is khanda only which is used to baptize in Sikhism. The blade itself is quite broad, heavy & transforms into a tip rather abruptly, the hilt has a metal spike coming out of the bottom. No sword can bear the attack of the khanda sword as the blade is strong enough and a bit heavy than normal swords.  We have done “Aari” work on the blade for decoration, u can also get gold or silver work done on it. Blade of this khanda is made of Sarab Loh ( Carbon Steel). The length of the blade is 30 inches and the total length is 41 inches. The scabbard is made of wood wrapped in pure leather.

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