Shamshir Sword

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Shamshir or Shamsheer is a type of sabre with a curve that is considered radical for a sword shamshir is a one-handed, curve sword featuring a slim & a lengthy blade. The name shamshir is a Persian word which means “high-status sword”. It was mostly carried by kings and nobles while attending courts or royal functions. Shamshir’s were highly decorated with gold carvings & jewels as they depicted the sign of wealth. Cause of there slim and lengthy blades they were best in warfare also, as these were easy to use and covered more area while attacking. Length of the blade is available in 2 variations 33 inches and 35 inches and breadth is 1.5 inches. Scabbard is made of wood wrapped in leather (color of leather can be changed acc to your choice ).  To place an order kindly fill the enquiry form below.

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