Shree Amritsar Sword is a leading store of swords / kirpan for sale online. Swords also known as kirpan in sikhism and tulvar in indian subcontinent. We are also the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of sikh kirpan, indian wedding swords, decorative swords, long swords, royal swords, gold swords, silver swords decorated with pure gold, silver, precious and semi precious stones. As swords/ kirpan are considered as sign of high self esteem, wealth and power in India each of our sword is carefully and elegantly handmade with traditional skills by a team of dedicated artists and craftsmen who are richly experience in this field. The archive offers top- notch world class tulwar and sikh kirpan as well .

All our swords / kirpan are made of high carbon steel/ sarabloh for long lasting durability of our products. at Shree Amritsar Swords we make swords with a vision to create beautiful and superior swords and displaying our Indian art to the world, hence we never compromise with the quality of our product.

We also manufacture swords in Damascus steel and wootz steel also known as faulad. The company has worked for the restoration of antique weapons and swords for various museums in India and has designed swords for various royal families of India cause of which all our swords and daggers have a royal touch in them as in the older era of kings and queens in India.

It’s easy to buy Kirpan / swords for sale online. Every Sword, Kirpan, Talwar¬† are available for you to purchase.¬† Drop your query with details in our order box and get Grade-1 level swords from this online site. Finally our online consultants are present for guiding you regarding product buying. Delivery of products will be through courier and mode of payment will be cash on delivery (if avail in your area) no advance payment needed.

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