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Shree Amritsar Sword is the leading store for online swords for sale in amritsar, punjab, india. At Shree Amritsar Sword we believe that our sword/ talvar / kirpan (native language name for sword ) embodies a special magic of art & strength conjured by a fusion of spirit and dedication, labor and craftmenship, poetry and high art. Which flows from the hand of our gifted artisans. It is uniquely personal magic to which the Shree Amritsar Sword weare is heir. Earlier Shree Amritsar Sword was showcasing it’s art in domestic market only but now we are introducing a store for online swords for sale in UK, USA, CANADA and Globally.

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Beloved Design......Timeless Craftsmenship

These are the words most often referred for Shree Amritsar Sword among today’s elite group of rising sword smith who have elevated the lustrous reputation of ancient indian swords. Shree Amritsar Sword has forged a unique place for themselves with their vintage-inspired luxurious designs of swords. We are introducing a store for online swords for sale in different types like traditional indian swords, antique swords, wedding swords, luxurious swords, royal swords, gold swords, silver swords & indian swords for sale.

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Our People Professional and Passionate

The passion for beautiful, strengthful, traditional indian sword and exquisite service runs deep at Shree Amritsar Sword, from our artisans who make just the right merchandise to delight our customers. At Shree Amritsar Sword, Each item is carefully and elegantly handmade with traditional skills by a team of dedicated artists and craftsmen who are richly experienced in this field.

                             Our Swords are undoubtedly beautiful with superior structural aesthete, Grip safe handles of these light weight swords don’t injure users. Explore in the world of dazzling swords through our website. It is easy to buy swords for sale online in UK , USA , CANADA or anywhere in the world as well. Fill your query form place your order and our team will contact your for further process.

Hand Crafting Is Our Passion





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